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About Us

The Wanderers Cricket Club broke away in 2012 as a separate Sunday team, and have now become a full fledged Sunday outfit. The whole reason as to why we broke away as a separate Sunday team is simple – The Love of Cricket! Our passion to cricket like the temperature of best thermometer for kids and baby, it’s amazing. Every single one of us is bound by the love of cricket, and this is what we base our Sunday games on. We all love the game. We have gone from strength to strength in our squad, and the games are becoming very competitive. Not only do we enjoy the game, but we also enjoy a post game beverage or two! We are very much a social club and are always looking to play the game against opposition with a similar mindset. If you are a club looking to play us on a Sunday, then please head over to the contact page. Similarly, if you are looking to play for us, then again contact us and our captain will be in touch.


Please remember, we don’t like cricket, we LOVE IT! Enjoy the website hoverboard ebay for sale!


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